At Rustic Americana we are family. We make unique art from wood and license plates. All the Artwork is made in the heart of middle Tennessee, Nashville. We have created many different types of work. The most notable forms of artwork consists of the United States License Plate Wall Maps. These amazing pieces are a way of showing of your American heritage and experiencing life from each state in a decorative display. Some other license plate designs we have worked on are the small picture designs. These include owls, birds, cars, states, and more. We are constantly trying to come up with something spectacular to do with all these license plates. Why throw a license plate away when you can recycle it and create art!

USPlateArt has been featured in several craft shows, newspapers, magazines, online articles, TV shows like “The Young and Restless”, and the “ESPN College Gameday Intro”. Artist Georgia Funderburg, as well as her son Cody Funderburg, and master woodscrafter Billy Funderburg, have been making license plate artwork since 2009. It is a family thing. We all enjoy working with various plates and coming up with new ideas. We find it to be a nice hobby. Georgia, Cody, and Billy bring their creative side to all the projects and strive for perfection in every piece of art.

We primarily ship to the United States, however if you live outside the United States contact us for a quote.

U.S. License Plate Map